About His Way

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's:

With alcoholism and drug addiction growing to epidemic proportions in America, God has placed a vision on the hearts of two men in Huntsville, Alabama to provide a Christ-centered solution to this problem.

How far does this ministry reach? Do I need to live in the Huntsville area to become a resident at His Way?

Residents come to His Way from all over the country. In fact – in some cases, recovery can be more effective when the resident is more removed from his familiar surroundings and relationships.

Why do you require an entry fee upon entering the program?

The registration fee of $1,250 covers the resident's housing, food, counseling, transportation costs, and recovery materials for his first 30 days in the program. During the 6 months a resident is at His Way, his fees are approximately $866 per month. The actual costs of the services and support we provide to a single resident at His Way is over $2,000/month. We have to offset the difference through donations and fundraising activities.

Successful recovery requires commitment and investment from everyone involved. We only want men in this program that are serious about recovering. Having said that, we rarely let financial hardship prevent a man earnestly seeking recovery from entering our program.

Is there a waiting list for His Way?

His Way does have limited capacity and there is usually a waiting list. We want to limit the number participating in this program to ensure every resident receives the support and personal attention required for successful recovery. Those on the waiting list the longest will have the first opportunity to apply to become a resident.

What is your success rate?

There are multiple ways of measuring the success of a facility like this. The ultimate success is found in sowing the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of men. We can confidently say that is done with 100% of our residents. Successfully overcoming addiction is also a primary objective of our program. These success rates are more difficult to calculate and maintain, but Christian based recovery programs are generally the most successful. We believe God is the power to change lives, and his body of believers is the ultimate support network. We are proud to say that over 50% of men that graduate from His Way have remained sober.

What is your position on AA and its materials?

His Way program is centered around Jesus Christ and the Bible, but we also incorporate some AA principles and proven recovery materials. Men in our program also have the option of attending area AA meetings in addition to the classes at His Way. We desire to utilize every possible resource to help men gain recovery.

How can I get people from His Way to speak at my church?

Just call our main office at (256) 859-7377. We love to come to churches, businesses, and civic organizations to share our inspirational stories.

What is the schedule like at His Way?

There are more program details under the "program plan" tab of the web site, but generally residents attend classes each morning and evening. After 30 days in the program, residents work outside the facility during the day. Service and volunteer work are very important parts of the program as well.

Is there a church at His Way?

No, but being a connected part of a Bible-believing congregation is a vital part of participating in His Way program. Staff members provide transportation for residents every Sunday morning to 2-3 area congregations. Residents also have the option to arrange their own transportation to other worship services.

What's the food like?

It's great! You will not go hungry!

Once I graduate, can I still be a part of His Way?

Absolutely. Successful graduates are always welcome back to attend classes, counsel with the staff, or mentor current residents.

As an employer, why should I consider hiring a resident at His Way?

His Way provides reliable, drug-tested workers to employers of all types. His Way provides transportation, so you know they will be there on time and ready to work. Outside work is an important step in recovery, so these arrangements are beneficial to both the resident and the employer.

What are the living arrangements?

The housing can best be described as dormitory style arrangements. There are two men per room that share a bathroom and closet. Each man has his own bed and dresser. There is plenty of room, but residents should limit what they bring.

How is His Way supported?

His Way is a non-profit organization with an IRS 501(c) 3 designation. Therefore, all contributions to His Way are tax deductible. His Way is supported primarily through our Saving Way Thrift Stores and generous donations from individuals who are passionate about seeing hurting men experience addiction recovery through Christ. Please see our Donate tab if you would like to give.