Faith In Recovery


Breaking the destructive pattern of addiction


Comprehensive programs focused on identifying and addressing root problems


Returning individuals to their families, careers, churches and communities

Since 2007, His Way has been helping men overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We are a Christ-centered, residential program that includes proven recovery materials and classes, individual and group counseling, life skills coaching, and professional development and assistance. Perhaps our greatest tool to help in this fight is the His Way community itself. Our family atmosphere bonds together over 50 residents, dedicated volunteers, and committed staff members against a common enemy.

Recovery Through the Strength of Christ

Patrick’s Story

“Yo Doc, we gettin’ together tomorrow?” “Sure Pat. I’ll pick you up” This was a common interchange I would have with my friend Patrick O’Malley

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Second Chances

Almost ten years ago when I came to work at The Saving Way, I knew very little about addiction.  For most of my life, if

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