2021 Year In Review

Throughout this year, our waiting list has remained long, with about 50 men and a 3-4 month wait.  Studies are beginning to show that the stress and social isolation brought about by the pandemic has caused a significant increase in drug abuse and overdose deaths. It is more important than ever that we continue to take the Little Steps necessary to bring Christ-centered recovery principles to men (and women) in desperate situations.  We cannot do this without you.

Dear Friends,

At our fundraising dinner in August, His Way graduate Greg Edmonds, made a simple, but profound statement that has become the springboard for an entire blog series on our website:

“Sobriety’s about the big picture.”

The series, which we named Big Picture, Little Steps, includes insightful and personal articles from His Way residents, graduates and staff describing the process of taking the daily steps of recovery through our program- from the first day arriving on our campus until graduation- with the Big Picture of sobriety in mind.

With your help this year, His Way was also able to make several “Little Steps” as we work toward the “Big Picture” of our mission.

Facility Improvements

With 6 acres and 5 buildings, our campus requires a lot of upkeep. This year we made several repairs to our dorm buildings and added an extra gravel parking lot on the back portion of our property, which involved a new ditch to drain water correctly.

Table Talk

At the beginning of the pandemic when churches were closed, we replaced the time we would normally have been at church with a Wednesday night program on our campus. This program has become a big success because it provides a ready-made opportunity for Christians to get involved with us and many one-on-one mentor relationships have developed.


Our non-residential program, which is open to men AND women, celebrated its first graduate from the Women’s Group this year! Recovery resources for women are few in our area (and desperately needed) and we are proud to be able to offer this group for women seeking recovery in our area.

New 9-month program

Transitioning our residential program from 6 to 9 months has given our residents more time to prepare for success. This change has allowed us to improve our Professional Development program by partnering with organizations like Calhoun and the North Alabama Homebuilders Academy to offer job training courses to our residents. In fact, we now have a weekly GED class on our campus and recently celebrated with our first resident to obtain his GED!

His Way Atlanta

This year, with your help, we realized a long-time dream of bringing our model of Christ-centered recovery to Atlanta. A Board of Directors was formed, who acquired a four-unit quadplex in Norcross. We began moving the new staff there in the spring and they accepted their first residents starting September 1.

Thrift Stores

Thanks to your support through your donations and purchases, our thrift stores have had another great year! We were excited to successfully build our own thrift store on Winchester Road and moved from our previous location in May. From the first day open in the new location, revenue at this store has increased by 25%! Funds from our thrift stores are vital to our operations and the volunteer and work experience gained by our residents is invaluable.

Will you consider taking a Little Step by donating to His Way’s Big Picture? Donate Today.

Thank you for your continued support,

Tom Reynolds

President of the Board and Director of Ministry