All Rise to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Restore

Bring Your Fish and Loaves and Let God Do the Rest

When Jesus fed the five thousand, he used five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:17-21). He took what meager offerings his disciples possessed and multiplied them to help others and glorify God.

The disciples felt unequipped for the job. Yet, Jesus showed them that He had more than enough to do immeasurably more than they could have asked or imagined.

Last year, there were over 100,000 deaths from a drug overdose. 85% of the prison population has an active substance use disorder or were incarcerated for a crime involving drugs or drug use. The cost of drug addiction to society exceeds $200 billion each year. Over $100 billion of that is directly related to expenses within the criminal justice system.

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You may feel like this problem is too big, or like you are unequipped for the job. But just as Jesus used the disciples’ loaves and fish to feed a hungry crowd, so can Jesus use your gifts uniquely for life transformations through recovery ministry at His Way.

When we ALL RISE to reclaim, rebuild, and restore men to productive, Christ-like service in society, God will multiply our efforts to help others and to be glorified!

Celebrating the Past 15 Years

Even though we lost Clyde Jones and Sid Smith this year, with their life of sacrifice and even now their deaths, we see that they sowed their lives for Christ so that we could “All Rise” as a crop to the glory of God (John 12:24).

God has fulfilled so many of the dreams of our founders, Clyde and Sid. They envisioned Christians united around recovery ministry, and we enjoy a variety of churches and Christians supporting this effort from Table Talk to graduations. Many churches are involved in Sunday evening devotionals and monthly financial support.

Grown to Over 100 employees

Served Over 1,000 Men and Their Families

Invested in Over 450 Program Graduates

Celebrated Over 200 Baptisms

Make the Next 15 Years Count!

Reflecting on 2022


Drug Tests Administered


Hours of Counseling


Meals Served


Jobs Secured


Educational Opportunities


ReDiscovery Participants


2022 Graduates

2022 Financials

The Saving Way Expansion

This year we are also building a new The Saving Way thrift store in Meridianville. This will bring our number of thrift stores to five as we launch this new store in the spring. The community’s support of The Saving Way stores through donations as well as shopping has been essential to the growth of His Way.

The Atlanta Program

Our recovery outreach has expanded, and the kingdom is growing for those enslaved to addiction. After expanding into Atlanta last year, the Atlanta team celebrated its first-year anniversary in September. With a capacity for 12 residents at a time, the program has been full for all of 2022, there have been 8 graduates, and 5 life commitments to Christ.

YOU Can Make an Impact in 2023

If you are interested in getting involved at His Way, there’s a place for you! Just fill out the form using the button below, and someone will contact you with the next steps for volunteering.

If you would like to donate to His Way, we invite you to give securely online, either as a one-time or recurring donation. Thank you for your support!