All Proceeds from The Turkey 2012 Golf Tournament benefit a Christ centered alcohol and drug recovery center in Huntsville called The Way. It’s a really fun tournament especially with the Turkey Ball competition in addition to the traditional scramble. With the help of a few ringers through the years, Hilde and I have put together the winning team for the first two years back to back. So, in a way, I am issuing a little bit of a challenge.

As you can see from this picture, the Turkey Trophy has a very prominent place in my office…overseeing every meeting I conduct. In fact, I think my business is up something like 20% since we started winning in 2010. Something about that big beautiful bird sitting right there on the meeting table just seems to put prospective clients over the edge 😉

So, if you think your game is up to the challenge, put together a team, come try to take the bird from us and support a great cause. Maybe you can give the Turkey Trophy a home for the next year and see what sort of financial boost it brings to your finances.

Jay Dryden

Dryden, Bound & Associates