After a good meeting, I was inspired to write a few things. One person in particular sparked a part of me that needs to listen at this time. On speaking of going through the steps, this man repeated that if you are having trouble with a particular step, it is probably not that step that’s the problem, but the step prior. The steps are in fact numbered and in order for a reason. Hmmmmm! With that in mind, I’ve been contemplating my life as it is at this time. And, I’ve come to compare myself to a child with toys.

When raising a child, we tend to get them as many playthings as we can because we love them and it makes them happy…thus, making ourselves happy. We try to teach the child to take care of these playthings, keeping them in repair, organized, and in order. I have to look at my life in terms of my “playthings” – work, recreation, material things to sustain a lifestyle of my choosing.

When we see that our child is overwhelmed to the point of not maintaining their toys and such, it becomes necessary to perhaps trim down the quantity to a level where they can properly take care of these things with diligence and care, so that they may have more as they grow in responsibility.

I too must trim down my things at times less they too become overwhelming to me, causing unnecessary strife…perhaps leading me to “solutions” not conducive to my sobriety. Back in balance with Good Orderly Direction, can I now move on like the child and achieve more.

Like a parent, God gives me all…including myself, to take care of and maintain, just as we do with our own children. Today, I will take care of my blessings from God, so that I can live and enjoy a happy, joyous, and free life in sobriety.

Steve Hughes

Steve, a His Way graduate, passed away on June 8th, 2013, at the age of 55. This article was taken from one of his writings while he was at His Way in 2011.