Huntsville Campus

Recovery Through the Strength of Christ

Campus Life

His Way Huntsville Facility

His Way’s 6-acre Huntsville campus includes 4 residential dormitory buildings and an 11,000 square foot Community Center with classrooms, office space, counseling rooms, a kitchen/dining area, and event space.

Participating in the His Way program means living in a supportive, family environment. Some staff members live on campus to provide daily leadership, oversight, and support. In addition, the men in the program provide daily encouragement and accountability for each other.

Bedrooms usually are for 2 men sharing a single bathroom.

Residential dorms on campus have the capacity to house between 10 to 20 men. A House Leader lives in each dorm to advise and mentor the residents as well as ensure rules are followed and household chores are completed.

Every morning starts with a devotional involving the entire campus.

Mornings are filled with classes and counseling sessions for men in the first phase of the program while others are off to work. The entire campus participates in classes and groups every evening.

The outdoor pavilion is an important informal space for gathering, building relationships, and encouraging.

The separate exercise and weight room allows residents to work on their physical health while they focus on their spiritual health and recovery. Volunteers often work out with the residents and even lead fitness classes.

Mealtimes! His Way residents enjoy delicious, hot breakfasts and dinners together each day served from our commercial kitchen.

A Day At His Way

Every day at His Way is structured and busy. The schedule helps teach personal discipline and good habits while also providing important materials, teaching, and experience. While a resident’s experience changes over the 9-month period before he graduates, a “typical” weekday at His Way is described below.

Residents with jobs are taken to their workplace throughout the morning beginning as early as 5:00am.


Breakfast Service Begins


“House” Devotional


Resident Bank Opens


Bible Class


Life Skills Class


Recovery Class

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Volunteer Opportunities Begin

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Counseling & Individual Study/Assignments




Evening Devotional & Classes


Evening Classes & Activities




Relaxation, Fellowship, & Entertainment



Bible Study

His Way Courses & Curriculum

Bible Studies:

Small-Group Classes & Counseling:

Skills for Successful Recovery:

General Life Skills:

What to Bring or Not Bring as a Resident

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