Thank You for Standing Up for Recovery!

In September, Jeff Foxworthy honored us as our main speaker at our fundraising dinner, Stand Up for Recovery. Greater Atlanta Christian School hosted the event, and many of our friends attended and showed their support.

Our Amazing Team

This year, our team grew to continue to meet the needs of the men we serve. We are thankful for a godly team of men and women who work together to the glory of God. What an amazing group of people!

Come Alongside Us

Standing up for recovery takes a lot of courage, and you’ve done it by supporting our ministry. Now, I want to challenge you to come alongside us and continue to help drive our mission through volunteer work. Perhaps you give monetarily, but you’ve wondered what it would be like to volunteer by giving food or teaching a class. God uniquely crafted you with special gifts, and His Way has a place for them. Come and see what God is doing and how he wants to use you as a volunteer this year!

We never take for granted how your financial support not only positively impacts the men in the program, but has exponential reach, as husbands are returned to wives, fathers returned to children, and sons returned to parents. Thank you for standing up for recovery and for helping to reclaim, rebuild, and restore men to productive, Christlike service in our communities!

One-time donations are great, but recurring gifts make the most impact! If you want to show your support throughout the year, consider enrolling in a monthly donation through our secure platform called Neon. All donations are tax-deductible, and they directly impact the men in His Way Atlanta’s programs!