AA & Me

After a good meeting, I was inspired to write a few things. One person in particular sparked a part of me that needs to listen at this time. On speaking of going through the steps, this man repeated that if…

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A True Anointing

Sims was sharing his testimony of deliverance through Jesus Christ with the other residents at His Way.  Every resident before they graduate the first six months of our program must teach a graduation class.  Usually the class is a personal…

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What God Cannot Do

In this journey that we call the Christian walk, I have experienced the indescribable joy of being on the mountain top, enjoying intimate fellowship with my Creator. I have also known the fear, doubt, guilt, and shame of enduring seemingly…

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“Sweet 16”

What did you want to do for your 16th birthday?  Line up at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license?  Your ticket to freedom and independence.  Your right of passage into adulthood.  Did you want to go to…

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