A Father’s Day Gift

We are thrilled and grateful that a local church decided to honor the fathers in their congregation by making a generous donation to His Way this past Sunday. But, more than the financial support was the spiritual vision and partnership…

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New Kratom Study

A new study is out concerning the addictive properties of Kratom. Thanks to support and efforts of many concerned Alabamians, Kratom is now banned in the state. Other states are sure to follow. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/recreational-drug-kratom-hits-the-same-brain-receptors-as-strong-opioids/?WT.mc_id=SA_FB_HLTH_NEWS  

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Spectator Sport?

Recently, I missed our Sunday morning assembly due to being sick.  I cannot remember the last time I missed an assembly due to illness.  While I was not feeling well, I still did my personal study during the congregational bible…

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Mood Mastery

A plague has hit Alabama within the past few years…Kratom.  Kratom is an herbal extract derived from a root that grows in Southeast Asia.  While illegal in the countries it grows in, this substance has been imported into the U.S.…

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Dedicating God’s Child

In celebration of our youngest granddaughter’s birth, we recently attended her baby dedication at my son’s congregation.  They were celebrating the addition of eighteen children to their church family in the past year.  It was a beautifully done celebration. A…

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The Humble Christmas

Christmas is the time of year most filled with expectations.  Some from our childhood experiences, some from our culture, and some from the constant onslaught of our media.  But I have the privilege of spending Christmas with many whose experience…

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