Professional development and vocational assistance are major components of the His Way program. One of the greatest challenges for the men at His Way in overcoming addiction is securing stable and quality employment. Because of their past way of life, many of our residents have a history of legal problems (sometimes including felonies) that make it difficult to get hired and develop a sustainable career.

Our staff and volunteers work with these men to assess their skills and work ethic, help them correct bad work habits or attitudes, and prepare them to successfully reenter the work force. Generally the men in the His Way program are talented and resourceful, and they are eager to become productive members of society and support their families.

Working at desk

Several businesses and companies in the Huntsville area not only agree to hire His Way residents, but seek them out! By hiring a His Way resident, you are guaranteed several important things:

  1. Workers who are on time, every day. His Way staff provide all the transportation for our residents and ensure they are ready and on time.
  2. Drug-Free employees. All His Way residents are regularly drug tested while they are in the program.
  3. A stronger community. Men overcoming a life of addiction inevitably are also dealing with financial struggles related to court fines and outstanding debts. Gainful employment and the prospect of a career are critical to helping these men achieve lasting recovery and become productive citizens.
Our residents need to work typical 1st Shift / Daytime hours to stay connected with our program.

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