Sometimes men come to The Way directly from another “situation”. Perhaps from another rehab program or from a detox center. Sometimes, men come directly from jail. In those cases, it’s not uncommon for a family member to contact us to make sure there is a place for their loved one at The Way. They want to make the proper arrangements so their husband or son or father will be safe and will receive the help he desperately needs.
We can all understand and relate to that. When we go somewhere, we like to know there is a place for us. Before we go on vacation, we call and make reservations well in advance. It’s a good feeling to show up at a crowded restaurant knowing that a table has been set aside for you. It’s peaceful. We like it when people look out for us. When they are expecting us and making arrangements for our arrival.
Jesus promised us that kind of peace. In John 14 he says – “Do not let your hearts be troubled…in my Father’s house are many rooms..I am going there to prepare a place for you.”
Peace is knowing that Jesus is preparing our place…not at a restaurant or a hotel. Not with a prospective employer or with a desired mate. Jesus is not even preparing a place at The Way. Our peace comes from knowing that Jesus is preparing our eternal place in his Father’s house.