Our Mission

Reclaim individuals from a life of addiction, Rebuild them in spiritual sobriety in Christ, and Restore them to productive, Christ-like service in society.

Our Core Values


The grace we experience and learn from God teaches us how to treat others and to say ‘no’ to ungodliness


His Way staff and volunteers strive to offer every resident in our program the same attention and opportunity for success


Everyone at His Way is treated with respect – residents, volunteers, families, and staff


Recovery and growth is not possible without accountability


His Way’s program and environment centers around the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ

His Way’s Vision

To advance Christ-centered recovery as a rallying point that unifies mission-oriented churches and Christians through sharing materials and resources, providing training and proven recovery materials, and planting new programs and ministries.

Through a series of victories and heartbreaks since His Way began in 2007, we’ve learned many lessons about recovery. More importantly we’ve seen how a Christ-centered recovery model not only provides a greater chance for overcoming addiction and lasting change for the men and families we work with but also provides an important opportunity for Christians and churches to reach out to the lost while making an important positive impact on our community. Our vision at His Way is to share this model and this passion with as many Christians as possible interested in reaching out to the addiction community. We will do this by sharing materials and models, hosting groups in Huntsville for training and equipping, visiting other groups and churches, and even planting new recovery programs from the ground up.