Everyone Has A Mugshot

We all have a past. Our own personal mugshot!

Even Ole’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, has a mugshot.

What if we all had a nationally published picture of ourselves immortalizing our worst moment, our lowest point, our most humiliating choice. A permanent proclamation. An endless reminder.

God is in the business of destroying mugshots. We see it every day at His Way. He offers a fresh, new start. His mercies are new every morning! We all have a mugshot that only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ has been destroyed.

His Way’s Vision is to advance Christ-centered recovery as a rallying point that unifies mission-oriented churches and Christians through sharing materials and resources, providing training and proven recovery materials, and planting new programs and ministries.

While this has been His Way’s official Vision Statement for only a couple of years, His Way’s founder, Clyde Jones, clearly saw Christ-centered recovery programs as an opportunity to unite like-minded Christians in a passionate effort to reach a desperate world even before His Way started in 2007. This vision of advancing Christ-centered recovery has compelled us to:

Residential Program

Expand the His Way campus to accommodate more residents and redesign our core residential recovery program to be more comprehensive

ReDiscovery Program

Launch our ReDiscovery Program to help both men and women that aren’t able to participate in the residential program.

The Livin Room

Partner with The Livin Room (at 2820) to offer the women’s Rediscovery Program to members of the homeless community and other underserved neighbors.

Atlanta Campus

Work closely with a group of passionate Christian in North Atlanta to launch His Way Atlanta!

Support Our Mission

Start Spreading The News was our theme for the summer, as well as for our annual fundraising dinner. Please help us Start Spreading the News that God grants new beginnings. We all need that fresh start that can only be found through Jesus Christ.

Your generous donation will support our vision of helping churches and Christians reach the lost through Christ-centered recovery programs.