Residential Program

A Christ-Centered Recovery Program for Men

His Way residents participate in a challenging and comprehensive 9-month program centered around Biblical principles and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Creating lasting recovery from addiction is a complex problem. At His Way, we help men identify and address the root causes of their addiction and teach them the skills and habits they need to live productive, independent, drug-free lives.

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9-month Program Overview

The men at His Way receive increasing independence and responsibilities as they progress through the 3 stages of the program.

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The First Stage covers the first 30 days a resident is at His Way. During this very focused time, residents do not work outside the program and interaction with the “outside world” (even family) is very limited. Mornings are filled with recovery classes, Bible classes, life skills classes, and counseling sessions. The afternoons are spent working around the facility or at His Way’s thrift store, in individual study, and performing volunteer work in the community.

Pairing Residents with Licensed Counselors

Once a resident has completed their first 30 days at His Way, he will be assigned to a licensed counselor whom they will see on a regular basis until graduation. Currently, all of our 9-month residents are seeing licensed counselors regularly, in addition to the pastoral counseling and mentoring we provide. Learn more about our licensed counselors on our Staff & Leadership page.

As residents transition to The Second Stage, His Way staff and volunteers help them create resumes, submit job applications, and find employment through our network of business partners. His Way provides daily transportation to and from the workplace and regular drug testing. Residents in this phase continue in classes designed to strengthen their relationships and deepen their Biblical understanding.

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The Third Stage encompasses the remainder of the time in the program before graduation (typically months 3 to 9). During this time, a resident continues to focus on his recovery and development while working a full-time job and taking on some leadership responsibilities within the program. Before a resident can successfully graduate from His Way, he will have a good job, some money in the bank, and a long-term plan for ongoing recovery. Residents in all phases attend nightly classes at His Way on a variety of topics including life skills development, financial management, relationship building, anger management, and professional development.

Program Highlights

The His Way program has been successful by addressing the many issues and obstacles our residents face.


Counselors meet with residents to develop an Individual Recovery Plan that will customize their experience and focus while at His Way.

Individual Counseling

Both staff and volunteer counselors meet with residents regularly to offer guidance and spiritual wisdom.

Recovery Groups & Classes

Residents meet regularly to work through proven recovery materials individually and in small-group settings.

Bible Classes

Every day at His Way begins with a devotional, and the curriculum at every phase of the program includes Bible Classes & Studies.

Drug Testing

Residents are regularly drug tested during their time at His Way.

Medical Resources

Residents are provided access to and assistance with low-cost clinic and medical & dental resources.

Financial Counseling

Formal financial counseling and education as well as daily financial accountability are ingrained in the His Way program.


Volunteer Mentors regularly meet with a resident to offer advice and spiritual guidance.

Outside Recovery Groups

His Way residents are also required to participate in area AA, NA, or CR groups to build a support network as they continue in recovery for the rest of their lives.

Legal Advocacy

His Way’s Case Management team and volunteer Court Ambassadors advise residents, communicate with lawyers and judges, and support residents at court dates.

Family Support

The volunteer First Responders program provides education and support for the family as a resident progresses through His Way’s program.

Professional Development

Staff and volunteers work with residents to help them plan a career, develop resumes, and prepare for interviews.

Job Assistance

His Way maintains a network of companies and businesses in a variety of industries willing to hire residents.


Staff and volunteers provide transportation to and from jobs, job interviews, court dates, church services, and medical appointments.


Volunteering and giving back is an important part of recovery, and His Way residents have regular opportunities to volunteer while in the program.

Educational Opportunities

His Way partners with Calhoun Community College and other institutions to offer GED classes, technical training, and degree opportunities.