Today reminds me a lot of April 27, 2011 when North Alabama was ravaged with tornadoes.  We started the day with tornado sirens about 9:30AM which caused the men at The Way to seek shelter in our Administrative Offices in the basement.  Our recovery classes continued in this more secure environment.

The meteorologists explain that severe weather outbreaks occur when, in this case, very, warm moist gulf air mixes with a cold front from the west.  When these two extreme temperature fronts collide, severe weather is the result.

This is the perfect picture of what happens culturally and spiritually when two extreme belief systems collide.  When cold secularism moves in on well entrenched Christian values, you are going to experience a volatile cultural outbreak.   Jesus described this as persecution.  It also happens the other direction when the warmth of the loving gospel invades an already established pagan culture.  Again personal conflict and persecution is sure to occur.

This also happens in our personal lives as the transforming message and experience of Jesus conflicts with our old, failing, worldly ideals about life.  A true personal, spiritual severe weather outbreak will occur.  Staying true to the path of change will in time create a level of stability, but one must be willing to endure the storms before real life transforming change takes control.

Expect seasonal turmoil until the new season of Jesus Christ takes hold of your life.

Tom Reynolds