I keep seeing the same Super Bowl introduced commercial on television.  It’s a cocktail party scene where everyone is gazing at and murmuring to one another about one of the attendees, a female chocolate M&M.  They are assuming that she is naked.  Realizing this, she explains that she is not naked but a chocolate coating.  About that time a red male M&M enters the party and from a distance quickly notices the chocolate female M&M and assuming like the rest that she is without clothing, celebrating declares, ”Oh, it’s that kind of a party!” and immediately tears off his red coating to reveal his naked chocolaty self as he begins to dance.  I wondered to myself, “Whatever happened to M&M’s original sales slogan “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”


Obviously our society has changed and even candy is no longer marketing itself to clean conscience mothers, but adult party goers looking for more seduction.


Where has our culture gone?  Apparently our candy has gone with it!