What did you want to do for your 16th birthday?  Line up at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license?  Your ticket to freedom and independence.  Your right of passage into adulthood.  Did you want to go to Disney or the beach?  Did you want freedom to do fun things with friends without supervision?  To stay up as late as you want?  Did you expect the big party?  Lots of fan fair and celebration?

This past week, Laura Nance’s parents asked her what she wanted to do for her 16th birthday.  Her response, she desired to cook dinner and lead a devotional for the men at His Way.  She wanted to share her favorites – spaghetti and meatballs , God’s Word and songs of praise.  So her family came this past Friday and overwhelmed our men with joy and generosity.

Laura experienced the most blessed of birthdays, because she experienced Jesus’ promise that “it is more blessed to give than receive.”  She gave a great gift by demonstrating God’s love through service and sacrifice, but in return experienced the greatest of God’s gifts – Giving.  What a perfect 16th birthday present!

And for those who will chase the world’s exhilaration for their 16th birthday and find disappointment, emptiness, embarrassment, or even another forgettable day, check with Laura.  I’m sure her 16th will be a day she’ll never forget.  I know it’s one we will not soon forget.

And for all those who are concerned for the next generation and what this world is coming to, I offer Laura Nance as evidence for a bright future.

Thanks, Laura for allowing Christ’s love to shine brightly through you.  I’m sure her parents and grandparents are extremely proud of her.  What a gift for all.

Tom Reynolds