In an effort to continue to provide everything possible to help the residents of The Way have a new beginning, we, through the assistance and leadership of our friends at Asbury, are offering Dave Ramsey’s internationally acclaimed course, Financial Peace.  To build enthusiasm for the course Carrie Gray, our case manager, scheduled a “field trip” for our guys to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in Franklin, TN.

Upon arriving at their four story office complex that houses 327 staff members, I was impressed with the very overt expression of Christ in everything they did.  When we first entered the foyer, I was surprised to see Dave there greeting people during a commercial break in his nationally syndicated radio program.  His studio was the first thing you saw upon arriving and everything was just so open and welcoming.  I had expected the studio to be hidden, so that only the elite may enter, but instead it was out in the open for all to see.

We were also greeted by Martha, the guest relations hostess.  She provided complimentary coffee, waters, and cookies.  She even personally served the refreshments while we watched Dave’s broadcast.  She quickly introduced our guys to everyone and made sure everything we needed was provided.  Dave came out at every break to answer financial questions, have pictures taken, and sign books.

Martha also provided a free book to all our residents and a free T-shirt that’s slogan appropriately connected our two ministries.  The shirt states, “The Great Recovery begins with me.”  We felt a true partnership with our brothers and sisters at Financial Peace.

Without question, everything that was done clearly announced their ministries commitment to Jesus Christ.  Everything from the humble, open, availability of its founder, to the endless hospitality of not only Martha, but the entire staff proclaimed their love for Jesus Christ.   It brought great conviction for all our men.

Without saying a word they answered a question that every one of us has had, “Can you be successful and be Christian?”  Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace resoundingly announced there is no other way to be successful except through Jesus Christ.  We needed to see that!

Tom Reynolds